IVF Emoji: When the Pray Emoji just won’t cut it



If you’ve ever lost your mind in the 2WW, POAS five times in one day & dreamt of a BFP in a sea of BFNs, you’ll know that IVF is hell-in-a-handbasket.


When I did my 11 cycles of IUI & IVF, one of the hardest things was not being able to find the words to communicate the madness and the misery of it all.


Injecting IVF meds in the toilets at work, bruises from all the blood tests, the interminable two-week wait (2WW) after embryo transfer. Then there’s endlessly Googling the tiniest of symptoms, eating mountains of pineapple (said to help with implantation), lying upside down after transfer so the embryo doesn't fall out, willing your phone to ring with your results.


Most of the time I didn’t talk about it all. Even my best friend didn’t know much about what I was going through every day in IVF to chase my baby dream.


It would have been a whole lot easier to share my IVF journey with friends and family – and get support for the stress and emotional rollercoaster I was on – if I had a way to replace some of the creepy language that describes IVF.


So I created an emoji keyboard – IVF Emoji – to help women going through IVF to do just that. And to laugh through the tough days.


IVF Emoji offers emojis for every stage of IVF treatment – and for every high and low you experience.


Quietly crying on the train when you receive that call from the nurse saying you’re not pregnant. I’ve been there. People asking if you’re pregnant when you’re just massively bloated from the drugs you’re taking because you CAN'T get pregnant. Happened to me twice.


It’s all there in the IVF Emoji keyboard.


And if this is all TMI, don’t worry, there’s an emoji for that too.





IVF Emoji: Emoji & stickers for women doing IVF


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